Discover the 7 steps on how to intuitively scan the body and identify emotional patterns in the body, that lead to illness and create problems in people’s life.

These 7 steps are the foundation of Medical Intuition & Intuitive Healing.

If you’re interested in transforming your life to the very best and get the quality of life you deserve using the power of Intuitive Healing & Medical Intuition … then… this information is for you…


If you’re someone who is interested in exploring the power of emotions at a very deep level (learn how emotions create illnesses, problems and trauma and learn how to release these emotions from the body to heal and restore life) this information is for you…

From: Dr Irina Webster

Many of us have mistreated our bodies when we are just pushing through trying to survive rather than thrive. We get so caught up in the daily grind of our lives that we numb, disconnect and mistreat our bodies. And at some point, our bodies and lives present the bill.

But don’t despair….
I hope you have been able to resonate with much of the new scientific evidence released by neuroscience recently, which has proved that under the right conditions, the body has the power to heal itself from even the most “incurable” illnesses… More importantly that we can facilitate natural healing by understanding the energy of our emotions – the real causes of most illnesses, symptoms, pains, aches and conditions.

You can look no further than the Spontaneous Remission Project: a database from the Institute of Noetic Sciences with over 3,500 case studies in their medical literature, of patients who recovered from seemingly “incurable” illnesses without medical treatment, or treatment that is considered inadequate to produce the resulting disappearance of disease symptoms or tumours.

From an intuitive healing point of view, all illnesses, pains and aches have emotional roots. Most illness are brought on by specific emotional patterns which people have but maybe are not aware of; but keep feeling these specific emotions on a subconscious level.

For example, heart disease is linked to the issues of blocking love, or experiencing only conditional love. Breast issues occur in people who are nurturing others too much at the expense of their own health. Every physical problem in the body has its emotional component.

Healing occurs when people release the underlying emotional component – fears and cellular memories- from their body.

The cure often follows the healing but “cure” and “healing” are not the same. Cure means disappearance of the symptoms of the disease, and always comes from an external source – a drug, a surgery or a procedure. Healing means releasing the underlying fears and cellular memories that caused the disease in the first place, and removing the root cause of the problem from the body.

Healing always comes from internal sources – from the body and soul releasing the negative energy of the problem.

Let me explain…

You may already know that on a primary level we all consist of energy. Energy runs through our body and surrounds our body. You can imagine it as a light and every person is surrounded by this light which is also called an Aura, Bio- field or Energy filed.

If the energy flows smoothly – the body is healthy. If any blockages or toxicity occurs in the energy flow – people begin to have problems: physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

Energy affects us from the time of conception, and family members are the first energy contributors. As we grow we get the energy from other people; friends, peers, co-workers, lovers, and other intimate connections.

We also inherit some energy from past generations, and can go back as far as hundreds of years. Most people don’t even realize whose energy they carry inside, because the linear mind can’t sense it: but the intuitive mind can.

How can we intuitively read the body?

To intuitively read the body I have developed a system of interpreting the underlying emotional, psychological and spiritual stresses people have had during their life. While I am still learning, and no doubt will always be learning, I have come to recognize certain consistent patterns in the human energy system that are a part of all of us.

For example, we all need to love and to be loved and when love is missing from our life, our health deteriorates. We all need to have something that gives our lives meaning and without meaning, we fall into depression and become sick not only emotionally but physically. We all hurt over the same issues – relationships, work, money and personal power. We all have fears that lessen the quality of our lives and we all have pain, regrets and grief that we are trying to heal.

We all have to work on developing our self-esteem and feeling good about who we are.

So, in spite of all of our efforts to be different, we are remarkably alike.

What makes us unique is a combination of physical makeup, personality traits, life experiences, talent and intelligence, cultural backgrounds and so on. What makes us ill, however, is identical. A strong dose of negativity or fear will contaminate any human being regardless of nationality, social background, education, wealth or talent.

To intuitively asses a body, you need to see it from point of view of energy as a we all are a combination of mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual currents of energy that come together to form the physical body.

Our energetic anatomy.

Our body has energetic anatomy through which the energy runs. The energetic anatomy consists of 7 major energy centres, meridians and energy fields. Each person’s energetic anatomy is as specific as their physical anatomy.

During an intuitive evaluation, you connect to the energy of a person and evaluate each energy centre individually… and then as a whole. Each centre is responsible for maintaining the health of specific organs and bodily functions. Each centre keeps very specific kind of mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual information, and responds to specific human life issues.

In learning about life issues that are associated with each energy centre, one can begin to understand what stresses are likely to damage specific areas of the body because every stress is “site” specific.

You will learn that we are not carelessly designed creatures. Everything about us has purpose, logic and intelligence built into it, including how and why we become ill. When stress settles in a particular area of the body, it is because that part of the body corresponds to the type of stress we are experiencing.

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Now, here are my 7 steps to intuitively scan the body.
Note, that each step is associated with the corresponding energy centre.

1 step:

Assessment of physical safety and security. How safe, secure, supported and protected a person feels in the world?

Connection: You must connect to the 1st energy centre located at the base of the spine (Coccyx region).

2 step:

Assessment of power and control in the physical world: the issues of money, sex and control of other people.

Connection: You must connect to the 2nd energy centre located at the low belly area (Sacral region).

3 step:

Assessment of personal power: issues such as fear of failure, rejection, intimidation, lack of self-esteem and survival intuition.

Connection: You must connect to the 3rd energy centre located above the belly button (Solar Plexus region).

4 step:

Assessment of issues regarding love, following your heart’s desire, acting from the heart, and loving the process of life and other forms of life.

Connection: You must connect to the 4th energy centre located in the middle of chest (Heart region).

5 step:

Assessment of will power and self-expression, ability to communicate, listen and understand others.

Connection: You must connect to the 5th energy centre located in the throat (Neck and throat region).

6 step:

Assessment of higher reasoning and intuitive skills, ability to see the truth and use of knowledge.

Connection: You must connect to the 6th energy centre located in the middle of head (middle part of the brain – Limbic system and Pineal gland region).

7 step:

Assessment of knowing the purpose in life, leading a purposeful life, finding the meaning in life and acceptance of one’s life.

Connection: You must connect to the 7th energy centre located at the top of head (Crown region).

Every time you connect to the specific energy centre you connect to the energy responsible for maintaining the health of specific organs and bodily functions. Each centre keeps very specific kind of mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual data and relates to specific issues of life.

Connecting to the energy centres will allow you to see the undeniable truth about a person and more importantly allow you to help them heal their life and their health.

I truly believe that knowledge of the human energy system will eventually merge with traditional medicine. This is already happening in small ways, but as more becomes known about the “physics of the mind,” this knowledge will have to be incorporated into our understanding of how disease and health are created.

Now, imagine how your life would change if you know:

  • How to make an intuitive diagnosis?
  • How to sense and use energy for healing.
  • How to protect yourself from negative energy. (as a person working with the energy of others you can be affected by negative feelings – this is important to know).
  • How to work with subtle body energy and intuitive empathy.
  • How to work with dreams and use dreams for intuitive guidance.
  • How to differentiate intuition from fear.
  • How to recognize reliable intuitive information and when to share it.
  • How to energetically scan the body.
  • How to find the road to the heart to assess the multiple needs of your clients.
  • How to use your intuition wisely and build your healing business guided by it.

You can try to learn everything by yourself using other mentors, doing your own research and practice the skills on your own…
Or you can use my help right now.

I am offering you to undertake 6-months training where you get access to my “Medical Intuition & Intuitive Healing” teaching program which you can do from home. I’ll guide you through in detail every step of the way.

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I wish you good luck, joy and love during your training and beyond.

With Love.

Dr Irina Webster MD

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