Do you want to use Medical Intuition & Intuitive Healing in your life and work but don’t know how to start?

Here is – How to learn to identify emotional patterns in the body that leads to disease, and creates problems in people’s life – the skill is called Medical Intuition & Intuitive Healing.

I am Irina Webster, I am a medical intuitive with a background of being a medical doctor for more than 10 years.

During the time when I was working as a doctor in a hospital, I observed how symptoms, pains and aches, illnesses and conditions link to specific emotional patterns that often people were unaware of, but which can be sensed intuitively by others. I also observed that true healing can only happen when people become aware of their underlying emotional patterns and completely release them from their body.

I have noticed that our emotions (especially long standing patterns) are real contributors and in most cases are real causes of our illness, symptoms, pains and aches.

Neuroscience has proved that despite the saying “we are what we eat”, we are actually much more what we feel… The emotions that your heart and mind contains— how you feel— are the best predictors of your overall happiness, health, success at long-term goals, and your place in society. Unresolved anger leads to increased risk of sudden death from a heart attack. Optimism and love enhance the immune system and protect you from cancer and other illnesses.

For example, if you eat only very healthy food and run 5 miles a day – every day. But if you are in an abusive relationship, or you hate your job…. Then, you will continue to be sick, and you will not be able to heal until you resolve your emotional conflicts. On the contrary, if you are in a loving and mutually supportive relationship, and you love what you do…. Then, you can survive on just “bread and water” – and still remind quite healthy and happy.

Here is the scientific fact: Every physical problem in the body has its emotional component.

What is also true – that it is possible to sense these emotional patterns intuitively, in order to correct them. This is what Medical Intuition is all about.

Intuitive healing is about releasing specific emotional patterns from the body and restoring the energy of the person back to normal. There are several ways to do this. One way is realizing the specific emotional patterns involved, and changing them; this can be done with the help of affirmations and realisations. Another way is to sense the energy patterns in the body, and then remove the negative energy from the affected organ or body part. You will need to learn how to sense energy and how to differentiate healthy energy from the energy of disease and illness.
Most people can do this if they know how. We are all born intuitive. The other thing stopping us is we are taught not to use our intuition, and use only our linear mind instead. From early childhood we are taught by our parents and in schools that we must “Just think.” Nobody teach us how to feel and sense.

If you are interested in learning how to sense and feel rather than “just think”…. Please introduce yourself below, and I will see you on the other side. This is where you will get the 7 simple steps on how to sense emotional patterns in the body, that lead to illness and create problems.

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